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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 17, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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angry bird posers in the most spectacular correction in the world. executive drive-by -- authorities track down a man suspected of firing shots at the white house. blown away -- a dashboard camera captures the sheer power of hurricane-force winds. and making a splash -- meet an amazing dog that goes to great depths for his favorite toy. good morning, everyone, i'm lynn berry, we'll have those stories and more for you straight ahead, this is "first look" on msnbc. and we begin this morning with a would-be assassin.
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a 21-year-old man suspected of opening fire on the white house is expected to appear in a pennsylvania courtroom today. the suspect reportedly obsessed with president obama, is currently facing weapons charges, but a far more serious count of attempted assassination has not been ruled out. nbc's brian mooar reports. >> family members are shedding light on what might have motivated a 21-year-old idaho man suspected of opening fire on the white house. a nationwide manhunt led to this hotel in western pennsylvania, where authorities arrested oscaç ortega hernandez, authorities say he had a history of criminal and mental health issues. his father tells nbc's telemundo spanish news network, that he was obsessed with the date 11-11-11. he believed the world might end on that day and that is when the shooting took place. the shooting happened friday evening, while president obama
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was traveling in california. minutes later, and a few blocks away from the white house, police found ortega's wrecked vehicle. and inside, investigators say they discovered an ak-47-style assault rifle and several spent rounds. it wasn't until tuesday that the secret service discovered the white house had been hit. one slug reportedly was stopped by bulletproof glass. and federal evidence technicians focused their efforts on the truman balcony. just outside the president's residence. brian mooar, nbc news. elsewhere across the country, occupy wall street protesters are planning to mark the movement's two-month anniversary with nationwide rallies. here in new york, occupiers plan to block off wall street this morning followed by citywide protests in the bustling subway system later today. nbc's michelle franzen joins us live from lower manhattan with what to expect.
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good morning. [ inaudible ]únk&e(lc% [ inaudible ] >> marker, the place, the birthplace where the occupy movement began. but take a look behind me at the park near wall street this morning. a very big change from what we've seen in the past few months, a few protesters starting to gather this morning. but they haven't been here mostly throughout the night. maybe a handful. that have sort of sat in the area around here. of!sourse they're not allowed to sleep. no tents, no taurps at this time. and that has been going on since two days ago, when the nypd moved in overnight. and cleared the encampment for it to be cleaned. and certainly, they started to enforce the rules here that say that they cannot, they can no longer sleep here. they can no longer bring tents or sleeping bags. and that was enforced by a court. as you mentioned, mass demonstrations planned throughout new york city today. for they say peaceful disruptions of the city. and also there are also rallies planned throughout the country
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as well to mark this movement and see if they can keep this movement alive. lynn? >> michelle franzen live for us in lower manhattan, thanks so much. after a recent surge in the polls, gop presidential hopeful, newt gingrich is in the hot seat. over his ties to a bailed-out mortgage lender, freddie mac, seen by many as having played a key role in the nation's housing crisis. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with more. >> lynn, good morning, more scrutiny of the top gingrich says he doesn't remember how much he earned between 1999 and 2007, from freddie mac, but records show it was somewhere between $1.6 million and $1.8 million. initially on a monthly contract, but later, earning as much as $300,000 a year, as a consultant for the housing giant in the years leading up to the housing crisis. now critics and opponents say this may not sit very well with voters who are very frustrated
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with washington. but gingrich says it could actually boost his popularity, letting voters know that he has inside washington experience. he says he served as an historian, warning the agency of what could happen. but there are insiders who have spoken with the "associated press," who dispute that. saying that he actually never lobbied or contacted lawmakers, but may have helped shape policy. lynn? >> tracie, thanks. communities across a number of states in the southeast are surveying the damage this morning after a deadly storm system swept through the region. strong winds possibled several possible tornadoes, one death in northern georgia, where falling trees struck and killed the driver of an suv. thousands are still without power from louisiana to the carolinas. in eastern alabama, the fierce weather tore into a pair of mobile home parks, leaving a trail of debris scattered across the nearby auburn university campus.
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here's your "first look" at other news going on today. a heated exchange erupted between student protesters and police on the campus of cal state long beach university. the rally, against a $500 tuition increase turned violent after demonstrators shattered a glass door. police used pepper spray to push back the crowd, four people were arrested. heavy winds in alaska could have turned a bathroom break into a bad break. a very bad one. this dash cam captured 50-mile-per-hour winds whipping around a port-a-potty, fortunately no one was inside at the time. in massachusetts, a woman and her husband were forced to sift through piles of garbage after she accidentally threw her great aunt's diamond ring in the trash. the couple headed to the city dump to retrieve the family heirloom, andbu)u$ the help of employees, they were able to find it. well, surf's up, for hundreds of dogs at one bizarre
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california casting call. rose bowl parade organizers went looking for a cool canine who also knew how to catch a wave. the top dogs at the audition will ride a board, aboard a wave -- you like that one? a wave-simulated float filled with 7,000 gallons of water during the january 2nd parade. and finally, meet bob, the divine dog. whose poolside stunt had rocketed him to stardom. he became a celebrity after his owner posted a video of him retrieving a toy on youtube. he should win the parade. the former stray used a unique spiral motion to make his eight-foot descent to the pool floor. it is an amazing feat, made quite a splash. and now all of you can enjoy it there at home. now for a look at the national weather, do we even need to introduce him. he already introduced himself to the show. >> he just can't keep quiet, can he? >> put a muzzle on him.
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>> give me a bark collar, if you want. >> we've tried that, it doesn't work. the invisible fence doesn't work. well, good morning, everyone, we had those tornadoes yesterday and they started, if you were with us yesterday morning at this time, that's when they were over the top of louisiana and mississippi, they were producing tornadoes early in morning. i knew it would be a long day of tracking them across the southeast. it literally continued until about a couple of hours ago when the storms finally weakened. it's rare to have tornadoes in november as it is. usually we get one outbreak a year. but to have it this widespread was really unusual. we three orç four different states in the morning and then in the afternoon they moved into the carolinas, it was a little more intense there, especially the upstate of south carolina and davison county, south carolina. 17 tornado reports and dozens of injuries and a lot of wind reports, too. that line of storms has died off. we don't have a tornado threat. but we're still watching a few strong storms slicing through florida, the jacksonville,
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florida area. flagler county, daytona beach, you'll see storms throughout the morning commute and eventually they'll work down to i-5, tampa and orlando, you have thunderstorms today in your forecast. no more tornadoes, nothing like what we saw yesterday. so the east coast, we had the heavy rain yesterday, all through the mid-atlantic. up through southern new england. most of that is gone. there's still a little bit of damp weather, though. we're going to have showers in the forecast today, from virginia up through the chesapeake. it's not going to be heavy, just going to be light, maybe drizzle at times or light showers. but as the temperatures fall, it's going to be kind of a cool, raw day. so probably still want to use the umbrella if you're in the coastal areas. the cool air is going to be the story over the next couple of days. it is a very cold morning out there in the morning plains. this map shows us the temperatures right now. compared to yesterday. and just about everyone is colder than yesterday, new orleans is 16 degrees colder. the general theme is that it's a much cooler morning. whatever you wore yesterday, you're probably going to have to add a layer today. the wind chills, it's brutal. there's a spotto in condo, north
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dakota, at minus 12 wind chill, so that's one of the coldest spots in the country. minneapolis, at 8 does not feel pleasant. chicago at 20, kansas city at 18. a little taste of winter in the northern plains. and highs there only in the 30s if you're in the east today, it's chillier, lynn, this is where we're supposed to be. we're back to normal on the eastern çseaboard. but those tornadoes, very impressive for november, but not rare, it happens about once every year. well coming up, euro fears hit banks, data shows recovery continuing. and you don't think you can retire until when? your "first look" at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, the houston astros are on the move and the tirs big upset of the college basketball season. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. act my age?
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welcome back to "first look." ls making news this morning. neither penn state campus
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police, nor state college city police say they ever received a report from former graduate assistant, mike mcqueary. in an email to former teammates, he said he had discussions with police about what he saw. he's currently on administrative leave. earlier today, president obama told u.s. and australian service members in darwin, australia, that america is quote here to stay as a pacific power. the president was visiting a base where up to 2500 marines will be stationed within five years. on a visit to the philippines, secretary of state hillary clinton's motorcade came under attack by protesters throwing eggs, rocks and balloons full of red paint. the protesters are against military treaty between the two countries. federal authorities say they've discovered a major drug tunnel on the u.s. border with mexico. that linked warehouses in san diego and tijuana. about 17 tons of marijuana were
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seized. and four american space pioneers were honored by congress wednesday. john glenn and neil armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael collins were given the congressional gold medal. a "first look" on wall street. the dow opens at 11,905 after falling 190 points yesterday. 9 s&p tumbled 20 points and the nasdaq dropped 46. overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei was up 16 points, but in hong kong, the hang seng lost 143. well, a late-day warning on american banks transformed a relatively quiet day on wall street wednesday, into a plunge. fitch,ç won of the three main credit rating agencies, warned that it may reduce its stable rating on u.s. banks because they could be greatly affected if europe's debt crisis spreads any further. large banks and other financials tumbled. morgan stanley lost almost 8%.
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the new focus is on france. the benchmark rate on france's ten-year bond now creeping towards 4%. worries are deepening europe's second-largest economy could lose its aaa credit rating. fitch pointed out the top five u.s. banks have a total of $114 billion tied to french banks. those same french banks have large holdings of bonds from greece and italy. also worrying investors, the price of oil crossed above $100 a barrel for the first time since july. on the plus side, output in october at factories, utilities and mines rose at the fastest pace in three months. consumer prices dropping .1%. an index of builder sentiment rose to the highest level since may 2010. in stocks, abercrombie and fitch plunged 13% on short earnings. dell dropped on late tuesday's report of revenue that
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fell short. "reuters" quotes a source saying citigroup may cut 3,000 jobs. in a statement the bank said it soç head-count reductions. ant you're not going to like this, there's a new national survey out that shows 25% of people questioned expect to have to keep working into their 80s. because they won't have enough money to retire comfortably. put that beach house on hold. well coming up, a possible rare league switch in baseball. the sport alsoç names its managers of the year. and wrap-up of all the action on the ice, plus, big upset win for the long beach state 49ers, they won't soon forget. you're "first look" at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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. welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry, and in sports, a stunning upset in college basketball. with a top ten team defeated on their home court. here's nbc's fred roggin. >> good morning, our lead today should have been celtics in heat or maybe carmelo anthony's return to denver. but we'll start with the next best thing, college hoops in pittsburgh, unranked long beach state travel aid cross the country to slay a giant. pitt casper ware led the way with a career high 29. long beach up at the half and went on to win it 86-76, pittsburgh's first home loss since 2005.
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babld, the diamondbacks kurt gibson won the national league player of the pear. houston astros could be on the move. not leaving texas, switching leagues. the team is up for sale and if businessman jim crane buys the club, he'll move the league. mart martin broder. koefl check made a nice move. the devils put it all toot against the sabres, winning 5-3. blackhawks and canucks, patrick kane, a shot that trickled past the goalie. they added three more goals in the third, john than toews his 10th of the year. the blackhawks win it 5-1. to montreal, the price was right. the canadiens' kerry price not only shut out the hurricanes, he insisted on the game-winning goal, bounced out to thomas
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plekanec at center, he fed michael cammalleri for the first goal of the game. price did it all, an assist ant a 25-save shut-out. that's your "first look" at sports, i'm fred roggin. let's get another look at the weather. let's check in with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> you say that like you already know what the weather forecast is, and you're not interested. >> i checked >> it's a good source, but if you want another opinion, you can get it here. good morning, everyone, temperatures are falling in we're returning to a normal fall-like weather pattern. buffalo to pittsburgh, on the eastern seaboard, be ready today for some light shower activity. yesterday we had the heavy rain, there's just a little bit of drizzle out there. you notice a little light green popping up. special i had here in virginia, that's going to continue through d.c. the chesapeake and some of it may clipç here southern new england, long island and out towards cape cod. that will be about it today, it will be a cooler day, cloudy and with some drizzle out there. it's not going to be a miserable
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day. not like yesterday. hopefully the airports won't be as bad as yesterday, either, big flight delays in the big cities. yesterday in buffalo, temperatures with a little mild. today we're 39 and there will be some snowshowers today coming off the great lakes and especially later on tonight. tomorrow it looks sunny, but the winds will be up and it will be chilly. temperatures for highs in the 40s this is more like where we should be this time of year as we, really, the fall turns to winter here shortly. even though the calendar doesn't say so until the end of november. 39 in chicago, at least in the sun it will feel okay. and the wind chills are bitter this morning. same for you in kansas city. a peek at tomorrow's national forecast. no big storms coming. the northwest going to be the stormy spot and the northern rockies. the west coast, some rain for san francisco tomorrow. overall, just kind a return to normalcy after yesterday's tornado tornadoes. >> bill, thanks so much. coming up, not so fast, the fight is not over he it comes to fatherhood and the biebs.
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plus, he's been named the sexiest man alive. but we'll tell you about the fans of another hollywood hunk up in arms. your "first look" at entertainment is straight ahead, you're watching "first look" on msnbc. we should get him a present. thanks for the gift basket. you're welcome. you're welcome. did you see hr just sent out new... rules? cause you're currently in violation of 6 of them. oh yeah, baby? ...and 7. did you guys hear that fred is leaving? so 30 seconds ago. [ noisemakers blow ] [ both ] we'll miss you! oh, facecake! there's some leftover cake. [ male announcer ] the new htc vivid. stay a step ahead with at&t 4g lte, with speeds up to 10x faster than 3g. ♪ with 10x faster than 3g.
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welcome back to "first look," i'm lynn berry, it is time for entertainment news, it seemed impossible months ago, but it has come true. ricky gervais is going to be back as the golden globes host. we thought it wouldn't happen. he pointed jabs at hosts last year as well as several hollywood stars. and the hollywood foreign press association. had the world convinced there was no way he would be back.
5:28 am
but not only is he back, gervais tweeted a clip wednesday from last year's opening monologue. promising this times ten. contrary to reports yesterday, theç justin bieber paternity suit is not over, just on hold. a new attorney for a woman who claims justin bieber is the father of her baby boy says her lawsuit has been withdrawn. the attorney says the case can be refiled at any time, but they're trying to settle with biebs' camp out of court. you're going to have to wait and see. and finally, reaction has been strong over "people" magazine naming bradley cooper the sexiest man alive. people are upset bill wasn't voted and they're also upset that ryan gosling didn't get it. fans are planning a protest. >> lynn berry's apartment here in new york city. outside the headquarters of "people." i promise i am not involved in
5:29 am
this protest. >> bradley cooper's blue eyes, how you going to beat that. >> because it's ryan gosling. have you seen "the notebook." stay tuned, "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. president obama has just left australia, after a trip on which he really put the heat on china for its questioning their policy on currency and then announcing united states marines would set up shop in australia. the question is, how are the chinese taking this? we're going to have a live report from the ground. in about 90 minutes, occupy wall street protesters will march down to wall street, where they'll set up shop, the group says, to celebrate two months of occupation. the question is, will there be another showdown with new york city police. and an idaho man alleged to have taken two shots at the white house is tracked down and arrested in pennsylvania. the question is, what is this guy's story? it's "way too early" for this.


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